The inspiration behind the Original Scrub took shape when I was traveling frequently to Europe in my role as an executive engineer. I was involved in a major study of the Eastern European rail system and their upgrade to European Union standards. I found myself staying in a number of quaint hotels, but often had difficulty sleeping. One tiny hotel in particular had these incredible exfoliating sponges in their bathrooms. I’d heard about exfoliation and after one long day, I decided to try it out. The result was instant revitalization! The exfoliating effect was immense and you could tell the difference from the very first use. The next morning, I awoke exhilarated. Of course I brought one home and when my wife tried it out, she couldn’t believe how wonderful it made her skin look and feel. But the sponge was missing something... So, being an engineer, I began an intense research project along with tinkering and experimentation. After several prototypes and tests, I ultimately meshed the best of both worlds: I combined exfoliation with silky seafoam, creating a smooth two-sided scrub for all skin types. It’s a product that leaves your skin feeling restored and refreshed. That was the birth of the Original Scrub. And it’s so innovative that I submitted the design for multiple patents!

Luay Aljamal, PE 
 Bath Club Founder and CEO 

 Bath Club was created as a monthly subscription service that provides bath products at competitive prices, conveniently delivered directly to your door.
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