– The Urban Spa Story –

Our products with purpose bring beauty rituals into our daily lives, and improve our impact on the planet. Over a decade ago, our original products were designed to promote skin exfoliation for iconic natural brand, Burt’s Bees. In 2015, Urban Spa spun off into its own company, rebranded, and added makeup brushes to our spa tools offering. Our brand originally had success in the natural health industry, with our sustainable spa and body tools. In 2019, Urban Spa Haircare launched with innovative packaging and high-performing natural formulations. We’ve always taken pride in our business model of sustainability, rooted in our desire to design products that create positive change. Better beauty, for a better planet.

create clean products + improve our impact = build a sustainability movement

– founder story –

Since our inception, I have been committed to building a business with integrity and compassion. I was raised with an awareness of social justice from my Anglican minister mother, and a strong business sense, from my banker father. They inspired me to create social change through business. My early experiences made me aware that there were global problems that needed solving. As a teenager, I sailed from the Bahamas to Florida and witnessed the world’s plastic pollution problem in our oceans floating all around our boat. The sheer amount of trash in our seas was devastating to see. Then, when I was pregnant with my daughter twenty-five years ago, I became aware of toxins in our food and personal-care products. My instinct was to protect her and the next generation. I started to understand the impact these issues have on our lives, and how many people shared my desire to do things differently. My own journey galvanized me to build a brand that would protect human health and our ecosystems. My commitment to create meaningful change is embedded in my mission for Urban Spa: empowering consumers to eliminate plastic with high performing natural products.

Jennifer Lewis

“Working towards a just, inclusive and sustainable economy is what drives me – using business (and beauty) as a force for good is what motivates me”.

- Jennifer Lewis

– impact + innovation – Sustainability

We are sustainable in our ingredients, materials, and packaging. We review all of our collections with the goal of removing plastic from our packaging whenever possible, while delivering perfect products you love.In 2019, we created a whole new look for our Lovely Lavender Eye Mask. We’ve ditched the plastic sleeve and designed a beautiful paper box (recyclable). We also made changes for 7 more of our best selling spa products, including the Classic Nail Brush, the Serious Sissal Buffer, The Only Headband and more.Our new haircare collection is packaged with 92% less plastic than the average brand. Our aluminum can bag-on-valve technology is a modern dispensing system that uses only compressed air (and no chemical propellants). It is infinitely recyclable. There is an internal bag that maintains product purity, dispenses 99% of our product in every can and protects it from air and water contamination. BOV is completely safe to use and has less impact on the environment, so we can offer our biodegradable, vegan, natural formulations safely to customers as liquid shampoos, conditioners, and treatments. 

Urban Spa: more beauty, less trash.


Urban Spa Cares is our ongoing commitment to donate 10% of profits to causes we champion. Our giving partnership with Asia’s Hope SEA Ministry empowers women and children who would otherwise be at risk of exploitation in Thailand. We donate to the Canadian Women’s Foundation to support female economic empowerment, and are proud activators in the radical generosity movement with SheEO, helping fund women-owned businesses in Canada.We focus on social justice issues, not just charity. We volunteer both locally and globally, including humanitarian trips with Homes for Hope to support families living with housing insecurity in the Global South. Our in-kind program connects us to community initiatives, bringing our sustainable brand into countless lives through product donations.

– certified b corp –

Urban Spa has earned B Corp Certification from the nonprofit B Lab, becoming one of 300 companies in Canada to certify as a B Corp. The Certification process requires a comprehensive review of a business’ social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. It is based on a vision of creating a community of for-profit companies committed to redefining success in business.“With Urban Spa becoming a benefit corporation, we have a measurable commitment to honour people and the planet. This is what defines companies leading change for conscious consumers – demonstrated accountability to measure and manage our impact in a world that needs it now, more than ever,” says President, Jennifer Lewis.
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