The Original Bath Club Scrub: Two Sides, Two Good To Be True

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Sudsy and Sassy


Billed every 6 months

2 Bath Club Cellulose sponges delivered to your door every month

Save 15%


Bath Bombshell


Billed every year

2 Bath Club Cellulose sponges delivered to your door every month

Save ~25%


Dip your toe in the water


Billed every month

2 Bath Club Cellulose sponges delivered to your door every month

Cancel at any time


Two Sides, One Rejuvenating Experience

Original Bath Club Scrub:

✔ Exfoliate and lather with the same two-sided Scrub.
✔ Recyclable.
✔ Leaves skin feeling revitalized and glowing.
✔ Hygienic. Our unique material prevents bacterial build-up.

All Others:

✖ May only be used to lather soap.
✖ Susceptible to mold and bacterial build-up.
✖ Synthetic material is not recyclable.
✖ Can leave skin scratchy, irritated or cause allergic reactions.

Scrub, Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Subscribe, Set, Forget

First choose from our three plans. Every month TWO Original Bath Club Scrubs will be delivered to your door.

Your Original Bath Club Scrubs Arrive

Once a month, you'll receive a gift-wrapped box -- bow and all! Expert tip: For best results, simply soak your Scrub in water for eight hours before its first use.

After Two Weeks, Swap Your Scrubs

To maximize exfoliation and to keep your skin healthy and silky smooth, every two weeks switch out your Original Bath Club Scrub with a new one (provided). Not satisfied? You can easily cancel your subscription at any time.

You Pamper Your Skin Every Day With Luxurious Products

Everyone LOVES The Original Bath Club Scrub!

Alicia C.

"My skin has never been smoother. It looks healthier, younger and absorbs moisturizer much better than anything I've ever used." 

Elle M.

“I like that it's recyclable. I can toss it out without feeling guilty, plus I don't have to deal with gross bacteria or mold."

Sarah T.

"Getting my Scrubs once a month in the mail is a delight, a gift I give to myself. It's also a reminder that my other Scrub should be replaced after two weeks.  I'm worth this!"